Admission Requirements
FOR TURKISH STUDENTS In the framework of the regulations determined by Higher Education Council of Turkey (YÖK), student admission to this undergraduate program is carried out through a university entrance examination named ÖSYS. Following the submission of students' academic program preferences, they are placed into the relevant program according to the score they get from ÖSYS by Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM). FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS International students are accepted to the program according to the score of one of the international exams they have taken such as SAT I,ACT, GCE etc. or according to their scores of the International Student Examination held by Turkish universities within the admission requirements on condition that their score is sufficient. FOR EXCHANGE STUDENTS Exchange student admission is carried out according to the requirements determined by bilateral agreements (ERASMUS, Farabi, Mevlana or General Academic Memorandum) signed by BEU and the partner university. FOR VISITING STUDENTS Visiting students can enroll for the courses offered in programs upon the confirmation of the related academic unit. Additionally, students need to submit proof of their English language level for enrollment since the medium of instruction in some lectures is English.


Graduation Requirements
Environmental Engineering Department offers formal and secondary education programs. Language of formal education is in 30% English and secondary education is in Turkish. Students, completed four years of undergraduate program that involves 240 ECTS equivalent of course study and 2.00 minimum GPA score out of 4.00 as well as 40 work days of summer internship study, are granted with the Bachelors Degree.


Higher Grade Transition
Students who have successfully completed their Bachelor's Degree can study at postgraduate level (Master's or Doctorate) on condition that they attain an acceptable score at ALES and have sufficient proficiency in foreign language.